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Incognito Luxury Loofah Soap

Brand: Incognito
SKU: 5060164450023

Significantly reduces your attractiveness to insects.

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100% natural with luxurious lather
Cleanses and removes detritus from skin pores which build up bacteria
Contains Luxury Soap inside Loofah, which incorporates rare organic Java citronella to boost your protection against insects
Additional benefit of naturally conditioning and polishing skin
Essential for extended travel
Best used to exfoliate every other day
Vegan Society approved

incognito®'s Luxury Loofah Soap has a fabulous, citrusy fragrance that is perfect for relaxation and stress-relief. A luxurious blend of pure olive, Java citronella and coconut oils provide a rich and smooth texture of soap, perfect for regular use; incognito® recommends using the Loofah every other day to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The Luxury Loofah's microscopic hairs gently remove detritus from skin pores when gently exfoliating, contributing to camouflaging yourself from insects.

Unlike ordinary soaps, the citronella bar inside does not attract insects, in fact it significantly reduces your attractiveness to insects. For complete protection anywhere in the world, use in conjunction with incognito®'s Spray, Suncream and/or Roll On. In addition, despite no products on the market being able to provide 100% protection against Scottish midges, the Scottish Highland Commission has recommended using incognito®'s Soap (contained within the Loofah) in conjunction with the Spray for maximum protection. Finally, there is no GM, and we never test on animals!

incognito® Luxury Loofah Soap contains a blend of natural oils that help to mask kairomones. Scented cosmetics attract insects; in contrast the rare Java citronella oil found incognito®'s Luxury Loofah Soap helps to camouflage you and consequently, repels insects.
Aside from the aroma, the Luxury Loofah Soap effectively removes bacteria and dead skin that build up in your pores and attract insects.
What are kairomones? Just as humans are attracted to each other's pheromones, insects are attracted to their hosts by kairomones; they are particularly partial to carbon dioxide.
incognito® Luxury Loofah Soap is certified as 100% natural. Many of the incognito® range of products are also certified COSMOS Natural. They are all completely free of any DEET, Parabens, GMO and SLS's. Our Luxury Loofah Soap is registered with the Vegan Society, meaning that at no point do we test on animals!
Manufactured fairly in Thailand, 10% of profits of the company go to environmental charities.


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